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Appointments start AT the booked time, not early

Cancellation Policy: a notice to cancel must be made 24 hours or more ahead of the booked appointment time by phone, email or cancelled in the online booking email reminder. Any client with 1 previous less than 24 hour cancellations will require a non-refundable $25 deposit to book another appointment. 

Appointment Times: Please do not enter the building early since Vivian works back to back and needs a break. Vivian does her best to put a serious respect towards each client’s appointment times. Another client is not taken during your booked time. If your email/text number is on file then Vivian will notify you if she is running late. Regular clients can predict how long their service will take to complete to plan their day. Artificial fill ins usually take about 1 hour to complete. Vivian usually manages her services time very well to be ready for the next client at their appointment start time. 

Reminders: Clients will get an email reminder if they have given their email address when booking.  Reminders go out 48 hours before appointment times to cancel as needed within 24 hours of the appointment time. Reschedules will be done through text.

Late Arrivals:   Late mate arrivals of 5-10 minutes are welcomed but after 10 minutes their service will be decrease to a quicker service. After 15 minutes the appointment is considered a No Show. An $25 Inconvenience Fee must be paid to rebook.

Child Policy: services are not provided to children under 16.  Please find accommodations for your children during your visit here so that the Tech can focus on providing a quality service. Service may be denied and will be considered a no show. 

Time arrival issues: Clients should enter salon AT their appointment time or up to 10 min late, not early. Students may be finishing up testing so disturbances need to be avoided. Clients with repeat cancellations made in less than 24 hours, no shows, consistent back to back reschedules or repeat late arrivals over 10 minutes may not be able to book here again. 

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