Acrylics are recommended for commitment to 2-3 week maintenance fills for durability and strength
There will be strong odors during application.
Recommended for everyday regular use. Removal damage is minimal only when done by a licensed professional. 

New Acrylic Set $75 (75min)   
Includes acrylic application with short length less than 1/2″ from the fingertip skin. Choice of clear, natural or white tips at the edge under the acrylic. Varied curves available. 

Acrylic Set Add On:

+Med upgrade1/2-1″ past fingertip (+20min)  +$10
+Long upgrade 1-1.5″ past fingertip (+30min)  +$15 -20
+Previous Acrylic Removal with set  +$1 per nail
+Sculpting (cost is based on length)  +$15-30
+French Acrylic (no chip) Pink & White (+30min) +$30
+French tips  +$5
+VNS Tech chosen Nail Art Design +$15

Acrylic Fill-In
10-14 day $50 (40min)
15-21 day $55 (50min)
22-30 day $65 (1hr)

Acrylic Fill Add On:

+Regular Client  Fill (back to back service done here)  -$5 off
+One nail repair +$2-5 to fill
+Med length 3/4-1.25″ past fingertip (+20min) +$5-10
+Long length 1.25-2″ past fingertip (+30min) +$10-20
+French Acryilc P&W BackFill (less than 3 weeks) +$25
+Change shape/add length +$1-2 per 

All artificial sets will have a main concern for the health of your nails as a priority including attention to exposure to allergy causing chemicals on the skin. Live skin cutting is prohibited by state regulations and not done here.   Only the best quality FDA approved artificial nail products are used. Removals are patiently done with concern to your comfort.


Art Add On to Sets or Fills: Add 5-10 min per nail

+Simple Art Design +$2 per nail
+Complex Art Design +$5 per nail
+French Tip Design hand painted +$10
+Ombre’ +$2 per nail
 +Full Stone nail +$20 per nail
 +Partial Stone nail +$10 per nail
+Pixie Coverage  +$5 per nail
+One Stone  +50ยข per nail
+Chrome +$2 per nail
+Marble Design +$5 per nail
+Encapsulation Inlay
+$3-5 per nail 
+3D Nail Art +$2-10 per nail
+Hand Painted Art +$2-10 per nail
+Jewelry 3D Stone +$5 per nail
+Jewelry piercing with charm +$10 per nail

Any art design can be performed as long as the supply is in stock.

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