Virginia Nail Salon

Located in Fluvanna County in Central Virginia 

Thank you for your previous business!

This rare Professional Nail Salon offers nail care by an almost 30 year experienced State Multi-Licensed Nail Instructor that can do any kind of nail care service and art form (based on her supply inventory)

Bookings are 1-2 months ahead, if available.
Cash, Venmo, Visa, MC, Amex or Discover accepted. 
Gratuity is optional but greatly appreciated



  • Covid-19 Vaccinated Tech will wear a mask
  • Complimentary clear informative consultations
  • Primary concern for the health of your nails
  • Service area and all tools sanitized per client
  • Masks & hand sanitizer available as desired
  • Tech is ready at the start of appt time
  • Predictable service time to plan leaving time
  • Professional quality FDA approved products
  • Per client booking to the entire nail salon 
  • Organic lightly scented oils and moisturizers
  • Files, bands, brush & buffers disposed per visit
  • Attention to detail and Professional experience
  • No parabens, DBP, toulene, formaldehyde etc.
  • No steps, two way door & ADA restroom
  • Free parking within 15-20 feet of the front door
  • Non-Disclosure agreements accepted
  • All services include privacy to the entire salon

Manicure $30 (25min)
Includes soak, light cuticle care, nail care with moisturizing  and application of air dry polish 

+Gel Polish Application +$10
+Detailed Hand & Cuticle Exfoliation (+15min) +$15
+Paraffin Treatment with light massage (+15min) +$15
+Carpal Acupressure can be painful! (+15min) +$20
+Skin Lightening Hand Peel (+15min) +$15
+Gel Polish or Dip Soak Removal (+15min) +$15
+French design  +$5
+French Dip (only offering dip in pink & white) +$15
+EMA Acrylic, Polygel or Gel Tip Removals +$20
+MMA Acrylic Removal +$25
+Hard Gel Removal +$25

Virginia Nail Technicians are not permitted to cut living off the fingers. This is prosecutable for a Class 1 misdemeanor and liable for litigation lawsuits from clients with injury.


Express Pedicure $40 (30min)
Includes mineral soak, hydrotherapy jet massage, foot/lower leg scrub, trim, shape, buff & air dry polish 

Basic Pedicure $65 (50min)
Includes Express pedicure with added light callus care, grapeseed oil massage and aromatherapy hot towels 

Pedicure Add On:

+Thick callus care (+10min) +$15
+One Thick toenail smoothing (+10min) +$10 
+All Thick toenail smoothing  (+15min) +$25
+Acupressure can be painful! (+10min total) +$20
+One toenail reshaping  build lasts 4-6 weeks +$15
+One ingrown toenail lift lasts 6-8 weeks  +$15
+Gel Polish Application +$15
+Gel Polish Soak Removal (+15min) +$20
+French Tip Design +$5

Virginia Nail Technicians are not permitted to cut or remove any living skin off the feet or perform ingrown toenail cutting. This is prosecutable for a Class 1 misdemeanor  and liable for litigation lawsuits from clients with injury.

Acrylics are recommended for durability and strength
New Sets include a length of 1/2″ (or less) from the skin on the fingertip + nail art x2. White tips, any shape and dramatic curve tips are included as desired.

New Acrylic Set
$60 (1hr) 

+Regular Client  Set (back to back service)  -$10 off
+Long length Set 1/2-1″ past fingertip (+20min)  +$10
+Extra Long Set 1-1.5″ past fingertip (+30min)  +$15 
+Previous Acrylic Removal  +$2 per nail
+Sculpting (cost is based on length)  +$10-30


Fills includes maintenance for a length of 3/4″ (or less) from the skin on the fingertip + nail art x2
Acrylic Fill-In
10-14 day $35 (30min)
15-20 day $40 (45min)
21-29 day $60 (1hr)
Over 29 day
$80 (80min)

+Regular Client  Fill (back to back service)  -$5 off
+One nail repair +$2 to fill
+Long length 3/4-1.25″ past fingertip (+20min) +$5-10
+Extra Long 1.25-2″ past fingertip (+30min) +$10-15
+Change shape/add length $1-2 per nail

All artificial sets will have a main concern for the health of your nails as a priority including attention to exposure to allergy causing chemicals on the skin. Polygel and gel tips services are available upon request but recommended only for short term commitments. 

Art Add On:

+Art Design +$5-30
+French Tip Design +$5
+Tech selected designer art x4-10 nails +$10
 +Full Stone nail +$5 per nail
 +Partial Stone nail +$1-3 per nail
+One finger Nail Art +$1-5 per nail

Any art design can be performed as long as the supply is in stock. If the supply is not in stock a requirement of a 4 week notice is required to get stock in or choose from what is available.  

Hard gels are only for a long term commitment and gives a look of elegance & class
Hard Gel Full Set $70 (75min)
includes length 1/2″ or less above fingertip 
15-20 day Hard Gel Fill-in $50 (60min)
21-29 day Hard Gel Fill-in $70 (75min)
Over 29 day Hard Gel Fill-in $90 (75min)

+Regular Client  Fill (back to back service)
 +$5 off
+One gel nail repair +$3 to fill
+Long length Set 1/2-1″ past fingertip (+20min)  +$10
+French Gel polish +$5
+French no chip PInk & White +$15
+French BackFill (less than 3 weeks) +$25
+Acrylic removal (HG is not applied over acrylics) +$2 per nail

Click here to read and print an Informational flyer from the state regulatory board to help nail clients.
You are free to file a complaint with the state regulatory board for any violations. 
For help with reporting violations visit



  • State Licensed Nail Technician Education for those looking to get licensed
  • One day Workshop training at
  • Expert Witness Testimony for Nail Litigation

This Tech has over 25 years of experience with an understanding of the overall business projective for all types of salons from low end discount to high end five star resorts.  She has experience with almost every nail product in the industry, including a chemistry education background and understanding of equipment design, installation and repair. 

  • Purchasable Session by Video or Phone Calls at
  • New or established Nail Salon visit/call for improvements and design 
  • Assistance to R&D Nail Product Manufacturers