Virginia Nail Salon

Private Professional Nail Salon located in Palmyra, Virginia by Lake Monticello


  • Services done by a 30 year experienced Tech
  • Timely start with quick predictable finish time
  • Private per client upscale atmosphere
  • Complimentary clear informative consultations
  • Primary concern for the health of your nails
  • Service area and all tools sanitized per client
  • Masks & hand sanitizer available as desired
  • Professional quality FDA approved products
  • Organic lightly scented oils and moisturizer
  • Service done within safe Scope of Practice
  • Files, bands, brush & buffers disposed per client
  • Attention to detail and concern for safety
  • No parabens, DBP, toulene, formaldehyde etc.
  • No steps, two way door & ADA restroom
  • Free parking within 20 feet of the front door

Cash, Venmo, CashApp, Visa, MC, Amex or Discover accepted. 
Gratuity is optional but greatly appreciated and remembered


This is a professional nail salon using one Licensed Instructor Nail Tech to provide all services. No one else provides services here to create personal consistency and predictable service times. This nail salon is clean using FDA approved disinfectants and nail products which reflect in the cost. Some people may not appreciate this added cost but the regular clients here are specifically looking for a nail salon with this upscale quality standard.


Complete closed door privacy can also be provided at this location for professionals with an agreement to sign non-disclosures.

Click here to read and print an Informational flyer from the state regulatory board to help nail clients.
You are free to file a complaint with the state regulatory board for any violations. 
For help with reporting violations visit