Virginia Nail Salon

Thank you for your previous business!

This rare Professional Nail Salon offers nail care by a 27 year experienced State Licensed Nail Instructor that can do any kind of nail care service and art form (based on her supply inventory). Located in Palmyra, Central Virginia. Bookings are 1-2 months ahead, if available.


  • Complimentary clear informative consultations
  • Contact surface/metal tools sanitized per client
  • All files, drill bands & buffers disposed per client
  • Foaming hand sanitizer available throughout
  • Prompt predictable service time to plan leaving
  • Experience/concern to provide excellence
  • Tech is ready at the start of appt time
  • No parabens, DBP, Toulene, MMA etc.
  • Professional quality FDA approved products
  • Per client booking to entire nail salon space
  • All services include organic oil moisturizers
  • Tech wears mask during entire service (client mask recommended/available)

Air Dry Polish Mani $25 (25min)
  +Gel Polish $5 (Top Pro brand)
  +Gel Polish Soak Removal $15 (+15min)
  +French $5

Hydrotherapy Mineral Soak Pedicure $35 (30min)
   +Callus Care, Grapeseed Oil Massage & Hot towels +$20
+One toenail reshaping/repair $10 (lasts 6 weeks)
   +One ingrown toenail lift $15 (lasts 6 weeks)
  +Gel Polish Application $10 (Top Pro brand)
  +Gel Polish Soak Removal $10 (+15min)

Acrylic Full Set (or over 30 day fill) $65 (1hr)
includes length 1/2″ or less above fingertip + nail art x2
15-20 day Acrylic Fill-In $45 (45min)
21-30 day
Acrylic Fill-In $60 (55min)
  +One nail repair +$2 to fill
  +One finger Nail Art +$2-3 to set/fill

  +Long length 1/2-1″ past fingertip +$15
  +Extra Long 1-1.5″ past fingertip +$25
  +French $5
+Designer art x10 nails +$10-20
  +Full Stone nail $5 per nail
+Change shape/add length $1-2 per nail
+Old Acrylic Set removal $1-2 per nail
  +Sculpting +$10-20 based on length

Hard Gel Set Regular Length $85
15-25 day Hard Gel Fill-in $65
  +One nail repair +$3 to fill
  +French $5
 +Old Hard Gel removal $2 per nail

Gratuity is optional but greatly appreciated!

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover (no contact/chip ready)

This direct entry nail salon offers a per client atmosphere inside a private commercial space with free convenient parking within 30′, no steps outside/inside, 40″ hallways, two way swinging front door, large sturdy chair seating available and a ADA friendly restroom.