Virginia Nail Salon

Located in Central Virginia near Lake Monticello

Thank you for your previous business!

This rare Professional Nail Salon offers nail care by a 27 year experienced State Licensed Nail Instructor that can do any kind of nail care service and art form (based on her supply inventory). Located in Palmyra, Central Virginia. Bookings are 1-2 months ahead, if available.


  • Complimentary clear informative consultations
  • Professional care with a primary concern for the health of your nails
  • Chair, contact surface and all metal tools sanitized per client
  • Foaming hand sanitizer available throughout
  • Prompt predictable service time to plan leaving
  • Experience/concern to provide excellence
  • Tech is ready at the start of appt time
  • No parabens, DBP, Toulene, MMA etc.
  • Professional quality FDA approved USA products (especially gel polish)
  • Per client booking to entire nail salon room
  • Services include organic oils and moisturizers
  • Mani & Pedi services include Epsom & Himalayan salt mineral soak
  • All files, drill sand bands, cleaning brush & buffers disposed/given per client & visit

Manicure $30 (25min)
Includes mineral soak, gentle cuticle treatment, nail care with moisturizing  and application of air dry polish 

  +Gel Polish Application +$10 
  +Detailed Hand & Cuticle Exfoliation +$15
+Paraffin Treatment with light massage+$15
+10 min Carpal Acupressure +$20  (can be painful)
+Lightening Hand Peel +$15
  +Gel Polish or Dip Soak Removal +$15 (+15min)
  +French design with polish/gel +$5
+French Dip +$15

Pedicure $40 (30min)
Includes mineral soak, hydrotherapy jet massage, foot/lower leg scrub, trim, shape, buff & air dry polish 
   +Light Callus Care, Grapeseed Oil Massage & Aromatherapy hot towels +$25
+Detailed callus care +$15 (very thick calluses)
+Detailed toenail smoothing and shaping +$20 (super thick nails)
   +One toenail reshaping/repair build $15 (lasts 6 weeks)
   +One ingrown toenail lift $15 (lasts 6 weeks)
   +Gel Polish Application $10 
   +Gel Polish Soak Removal $15 (+15min)

Acrylics are recommended for durability and strength
Acrylic Full Set (or over 30 day fill) $65 (1hr)
includes length 1/2″ or less above fingertip + nail art x2
15-20 day Acrylic Fill-In $45 (45min)
21-29 day
Acrylic Fill-In $60 (55min)
Removal+New Acrylic Fill-In $80 (75min)
  +One nail repair +$2 to fill
  +One finger Nail Art +$1-3 per nail

  +Long length 1/2-1″ past fingertip +$15 (+20min)
  +Extra Long 1-1.5″ past fingertip +$25 (+30min)
  +French Gel polish $5 (backfills +$30)
+Tech pick designer art x10 nails +$10
  +Full Stone nail $5 per nail
+Change shape/add length $1-2 per nail
+Old Acrylic Nail removal $2 per nail
  +Sculpting +$10-20 based on length

Hard gels are recommended for nails in water a lot and/or those wanting a look of elegance & class
Hard Gel Full Set (or over 30 day fill) $85 (75min)
includes length 1/2″ or less above fingertip 
15-21 day Hard Gel Fill-in $65 (60min)
22-29 day Hard Gel Fill-in $80 (75min)
  +One nail repair +$3 to fill
  +French Gel polish $5 (HG backfills +$35)
  +Old Hard Gel removal $2 per nail
+Acrylic removal $2 per nail (HG is not applied over acrylics)

Gratuity is optional but greatly appreciated and remembered!

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover

This nail salon can cater to exclusive private clients that require non-disclosure agreements and privacy to the entire salon for service. This is a per client service business at a commercial space with free convenient parking within 15-30′ feet of the front door. There are no steps outside/inside to enter, hallways are 40″, the front door is two way swinging and there is a ADA private restroom in the back.