About Artificial Products

Hello! I am Vivian, I am a State Licensed Nail Technician Instructor with almost 30 years of experience with nail services. I teach and provide any type of nail service.  Many people have not experienced a nail care service by a Technician that can answer any question you have about nails while offering services in a timely professional setting. 

I am hoping you walk out with what you desired so feel free to read the following to learn more about the Artificial Nail Products used here to help you better know what to ask for.

Complimentary consultations are offered anytime to discuss options and desires.  Clients can ask to take their new files with each nail service. They are not brought back or saved here. A new file/buffer is used each time for every service here. You can expect that all services are done here safely with referral to a medical professional as needed.

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Nails and lifestyles are not all the same so it is common to have varied results so these are the recommended options:

If Air dry Polish chips in less than 2 weeks consider Gel Polish
If Gel Polish is off within 2 weeks try Dip Powder
If Dip Powder is off within 2 weeks try Acrylics
If Acrylics do not last 2-3 weeks consider Hard Gels
A quick length adding (short term commitment) service can be done with Gel Extensions

Issues with lifting: improper application, waiting more than 21 days for maintenance, poor quality acrylic products, over priming, picking, fingernail exposure to acne creams, psoriasis, fungal infections, specific oral medications, rough handling of fingertips, too long of a length on new sets, nail disorders and repeated exposure to dissolving or drying chemicals can cause lifting issues that make artificial product come off.

Those wanting to file their final nail shape their nails with a file before polishing are welcome to do so upon request. Please keep in mind each client’s nails are different. It can take 2-3 services for the Tech to fully understand how to care for your nails to last. Coming here with another Tech’s artificial work can cause issues until their product grows out.

Some nail services are not allowed by a licensed Nail Technician and is prosecutable when injury has happened. Contact a lawyer immediately if you had injury or got an infection from a nail service when you or anyone you know had:

  • any living skin cut around the fingers or toes
  • any skin on the feet cut in any way
  • ingrown nails cut or worked on
  • use of un-sanitized metal tools, scrub brushes, buffers, files or woodsticks
  • the seal around the fingernail opened up with a tool or drill bit
  • any exposure of acrylic liquid, primer or gel product ever touching your skin
  • use of a non-FDA approved product  

Gel Polish Color or Soft Gels

  • want a color that is 100% dry with incredible shine
  • want no commitment with more strength than air dry polish
  • have HEMA or acrylic allergies
  • do like odors
  • don’t want to wait for polish color to dry

Gel Polish is a service where a choice of soft gel color is applied to the nails after a manicure. There is no odor to apply as the product cures in a light to become instantly 100% dry. It offers a bit more strength than air dry polish with incredible shine that can last up to two weeks. When professionally removed, it offers minimal damage to the natural nails.  Maintenance requires returning within 15 days for removal with reapplication or choose not to commit with a removal/manicure to go back to natural nails anytime.



Dip Powder

  • want length added with color that does not chip
  • don’t want the natural nails damaged or have a HEMA allergy
  • want the option to quit at anytime with healthy nails
  • had or have issues with gel polish coming off in less than 2 weeks
  • don’t like odors and don’t want to wait for polish color to dry

Dip Powder is a service where the nails are coated and dipped into a choice of colored powder that dries very quickly. Unlike gel polish,  increased length can be added. There is hardly any odor to apply but there is dust. It offers a lot more strength than air dry polish and gel polish with a strength similar weaker than acrylics. Dip powder usually last about 15-20 days when cared for. When professionally applied/removed, it creates minimal damage to the natural nails.  Maintenance requires returning every 15-20 days to get the grown out area re-covered with a similar or darker color. Dip clients can choose not to commit anymore with a complete “professional” removal with a manicure to go back to healthy natural nails anytime. This is not a good option for those in water a lot. 



Gel Extensions 

  • want length instantly with a quick service time
  • don’t want the natural nails damaged like in Acrylics or Hard Gels
  • want the option to quit at anytime 
  • a cheaper service than with a full set of acrylic or hard gels

Gel extension tips is a quick cheaper service to add length and color. Full plastic tips are glued or applied with a gel that holds the tip onto the nail. Removal is less damaging than acrylic or hard gels. Gel polish color can be applied to the nail with or without designs. This is absolutely not recommended for those with hands in water a lot, very rough with their hands or nail biter fingernails because it will not last more than few days. 



Acrylic Sets & Fills

  • want length added with an option for color that does not chip
  • ready to commit for a few months or more to have strong instantly longer nails
  • had issues with dip or gel polish coming off in less than 2 weeks
  • want creative art designs and durability

Typical acrylic nails are done in pink, natural or clear colors coating the nails with or without plastic tips glued on for added length. Acrylic is a mixture of powder and a liquid (with evaporating strong odors) to create very durable polymer on the nail like plastic tupperware. Acrylic nails here are sealed with a choice of gel polish color. Acrylic is the strongest nail service that can last two-three weeks depending on personal care/usage.  Removal can create weak nails that take about three months to go back to normal. Maintenance requires returning within two-three weeks for a fill-in or maintenance service. Sculpted acrylic is a great option for adding length to nail biter nails. 


Colored Acrylic Option

Clients looking for creative nails can choose to use assorted colored acrylic to create nails that they can file or shorten themselves between services. Various items can also be encapsulated into clear acrylic sets. Changing to lighter colors in a fill will cost more to remove the previous color or some people do a ombre blend in a fill to save money. This can be a one time service for an event with careful removal to avoid damage or a long term commitment for artistic flair. This is offered at an additional cost and most of the time the previous art is completely removed with an added cost for a new design.  For those with hands in water a lot: regular fills within 15 days are required to prevent pseudomonas infections from limited sunlight to kill bacteria between the color and the nail. (“Greenies” is a bacterial infection not fungal and it can enter the nail plate to get into the bloodstream)




Hard Gel Sets & Fills

  • want length added with a lighter feel on sensitive fingernails
  • those that have acrylic allergies
  • want a elegant (natural or french look) instead of cloudy acrylic
  • ready to commit long term for many months or years
  • had issue with acrylic lifting or have very curved nails at the sides
  • don’t want to smell the odor of an acrylic application 

Some nail salons call this service Liquid Gel or a Gel Set. Hard gel supply is expensive so this will be the most expensive service. This is not to be confused with Gel Polish, gel extension tips or soft gels that can be soaked off with acetone. Powder Gel is not Hard Gel. Hard Gel is an advanced skill so it is a rare service becoming more popular today. The nails are coated with a jelly like product and cured under a light to create flexible strong nails with or without added length. Hard gels can by applied thinner than acrylic (unless the length is very long to require a thicker center for durability). The nails can be sealed with a choice of gel polish color.  Hard Gels have barely any odor to apply, are non-porous and require maintenance every 3 weeks. Lots of dust is created when filed and there is no liquid and NO powder used. Hard Gels is only for a long term commitment and can not removed by a solvent so this is only for those ready to commit to a 2-3 week maintenance for many months or years. Removal of this product creates the most damage to the natural nail.  This is a great option for those with hands in water or chemicals a lot. This service should be only be performed by a trained professional using professional Hard gels to avoid 3rd degree burns under the nail.

Pink & White Option 

This can be done in a acrylic or hard gel set. Pink & White creates an elegant look where a pink (or tan) colored artificial product is placed on the nail and white (or other color) artificial product is applied to the tips. This creates a crisp french look that does not chip or dull. This can also create the look of length on nail beds that are short. Maintenance requires a “backfill” (some nail salons call it a “white” fill) that brings the white line back towards the cuticle area as it grows out.  Some people that get this service in acrylic nails will alternate a backfill with a regular priced fill (some nail salons call it a “pink” fill) every few weeks because the white line is still at a place that looks good if it was put back far enough. Another color can be used instead of white for a pink & white service to make a creative look that is very popular for events to match what they are wearing.


Sculpted Option

Sculpted nails is used in Acrylic or Hard Gel sets to create length without using glued plastic tips. Sculpting uses sticker forms that allow maximum adhesion to make sure the acrylic covers the entire nail. This is a great option for nail biter sized short nails. Some people want sculpted nails for artistic looking colored or glitter designs under the nail edge. Sometimes this can still be done with glue tips. Sculpting Edges also can create a really dramatic C curve shape on the edge that some people prefer. Glued tips are not usually as curved. The nail on the left is sculpted with a form. The nail on the right is acrylic over a glued-on tip.

Standards and Privacy

This is a professional nail salon using one Licensed Instructor Nail Tech to provide all services. No one else provides services here to create personal consistency. This nail salon is clean using FDA approved disinfectants and nail products which reflect in the cost. Some people may not appreciate this added cost but the regular clients here are specifically looking for a nail salon with this standard.

Complete closed door privacy can also be provided at this location for professionals with an agreement to sign non-disclosures.



State License & Your Rights

This is a state licensed salon and school with a state licensed Nail Instructor. Many salons are using unlicensed staff to provide nail care services which is prosecutable as a class 1 misdemeanor. Every person in a salon must have their license posted for customers to view to avoid the first violation. Not having the license is a second violation. You have the right to see a license to know you are being serviced by a professional that has been tested to provide safe services! 

Even “those in training” at a salon are suppose to have an apprentice license posted before selling any nail care service. This apprentice license is personally issued by a visiting state representative to link them to a licensed sponsor in the shop that is suppose to supervise them to ensure client safety. Many Techs are being trained without knowing that they have to have this license in order to sell nail services and start their apprenticeship. 

If you have a bad experience with a previous product or service please consider that the person who is providing the service may be unlicensed and was probably trained by youtube. The chemicals used for services in the nail salon can cause serious short term and long term harm to the Tech and clients when used improperly. Vowing to never return does not fix the problem. The state regulatory department relies on clients to report these violations. Use the form below to report them.

Try a nail experience here with a licensed Technician that can answer any of your nail questions while keeping you safe with the ability to recognize issues to refer you to a licensed medical professional.