Mani & Pedi


Manicure $40 (30min)
Includes soak, light cuticle care, nail care with moisturizing  and application of air dry polish 

+Gel Polish Application +$10
+Gel Polish Removal +$1 per nail
+French design  +$5
+EMA Acrylic, Dip or Gel Extension Removals +$2 per nail

Virginia Nail Technicians are not permitted to cut  any living skin around the nails. This is prosecutable to Technicians without a medical license and liable for litigation lawsuits from clients with injury. There will be no cutting of the living skin around the nails or rough care to protect the seal at the cuticle area as regulated for Nail Tech’s scope of practice in Virginia. 


Express Pedicure $40 (30min)
Includes hydrotherapy jetted mineral soak, foot/lower leg scrub, nail trim, shape, buff & air dry polish 

Basic Pedicure $60 (45min)
Includes Express pedicure with added light callus care, light massage using grapeseed oil and aromatherapy hot towel application. 

+Thick callus care (+10min) +$10
+One Thick toenail smoothing (+10min) +$5 
+One toenail reshaping  build lasts 4-6 weeks +$15
+One ingrown toenail lift patch lasts about 6 weeks  +$10
+Gel Polish Application +$10
+Gel Polish Soak Removal  +$10
+French Tip Design +$5

Artificial nails for all toes is not offered here.  Artificial toenails is a temporary service for an occasion only (it can cause long term toe nail damage and increase ingrown toenail issues for 3-6 months after application/removal).  Live skin removal is prohibited by state regulations and not done here. For the salon/school’s safety: pedicure services are not provided on feet with warts, fungal infections or open skin sores.