Hard Gels


Hard gels are only for a long term commitment with maintenance about every 3 weeks and gives a look of elegance & class. This is a rare service that is hard to find. Gel polish color manicures are not hard gels. Hard gels add length like in Acrylic services but with no odor during application.
Recommended for hands in water a lot but not for very rough use. Removal damage is severe (compared to acrylics) so this should be a long term choice.


Hard Gel Full Set $90 (90min)   
includes length 1/2″ or less above fingertip 
15-25 day Hard Gel Fill-in $65 (60min) 
25-30 day Hard Gel Fill-in $80 (75min)

Hard Gel Add On:

+Regular Client  Fill (back to back service here)
 -$5 off
+One gel nail repair +$5 per nail
+French Gel polish (add 10min) +$10
+French Hard Gel Pink & White (add 30min) +$30
+French Gel BackFill (add 30min) +$30
+Acrylic removal (HG is not applied over acrylics) +$1 per nail
+Art Designs (2-5 min per nail) +$2-5 per nail

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