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Gratuity is optional but appreciated and remembered!
Quick nail trim and shorter services are not offered anymore because of the extended time block off causing a profit loss in my private setting. I need to focus on making the overhead at this time. 


Soak with nail care, moisturizing and polish
$23 30min
Gel Manicure
Dry mani care with Gel polish application
$30 30min
Gel Manicure with Removal*
Gel polish removal with mani/re-application
$40 45min
Add French +$5
Gel Removal without Mani $20
Add cuticle care smoothing +$5
Add sugar scrub exfoliation +$5
Add Acrylic removal +$15
*Gel removal kit (enough to do 2x) +$5

Only using single use files and buffers that you can take home or they are discarded after each use.  Over 150 Gel Polish and 300 air dry polish colors available. Dip powder is available only in french contact Vivian to book this. *Purchase a Gel a removal kit to remove your own gel polish and save.


Express Pedicure 
Hydro soak with clean up/trim, sugar scrub
$35 25min
Basic Pedicure 
Exp Pedi with detail & callus care filing
$50 40min
Pedi with a mani, set or fill get $5 off
No polish color in a Pedi get $5 off
Add painted French +$5
Toenail repair & reshaping +$10 per
Ingrown toenail lift repair +$10 per

Toenail repairs/reshape can make a very irregular looking or tiny toenail become a more appealing full sized looking nail. Usually only done in the summer or before events wearing open toed shoes.

Ingrown lift repair is for those with very curved big toenails poking into the sides of the skin. There is no cutting of the nail sides and the lift can last about 8 weeks. 

Gel polish is not done on the toes here to promote sanitary services with gels done on the fingernails.


Acrylic Set with short glued tips
Acrylic Fill-In within 15 days $35
Acrylic Fill-In within 16-30 days $40
Acrylic Fill-In over 30 days $45
Add painted french gel polish +$5
Add Med-Long Length (over ½’ from fingertip) +$5-10

Gel polish removal & application is included with sets/fills. A fill over 30 days is a new set price. No MMA acrylic used here. Nail repairs over the one that is included are now extra, see below. Art designs, long lengths, pink & white, sculpting is extra. 


Hard Gel Set with white/natural glued tips
Hard Gel Fill-In within 20 days $40
Hard Gel Fill-In within 21-30 days $45
Hard Gel Fill-In over 30 days $55
HG Fill with no gel color applied -$5 off
Add painted french gel polish +$5

Gel polish removal & application is included with sets/fills. A fill over 30 days is a new set price. Cost reflects FDA approved low heat hard gels. Nail repairs are extra see below. 


Add Nail Repair to a Fill  (1 repair is included) +$2 per
Nail repair alone without a fill (+$10 set up fee) +$5 per


Acrylic is a smelly liquid dipped in powder to make hard nails.
Hard Gel is jelly like with no powder. Uses a light and is dusty.
Gel Polish color is applied in a Manicure or on Acrylic/Hard Gel.